Interim and project management

ScienceLynk B.V. provides substitute managers for a medical or laboratory environment. Our goal is to deliver people management in an inspiring and motivating way, where the starting point is always the knowledge and power of the employees present. This facilitates solving practical issues by bringing in specific competences combined with a coaching style to develop and motivate staff.

Often (interim) project management is used to carry through small or large changes within an organization or in a process within a company or organization. ScienceLynk B.V. can support the start, middle and end of a company or organizations change process covering the complete route of process analysis, up to and including the implementation of new or adapted processes or organizations.

ScienceLynk B.V. supports:

  • Processes and procedures
    • initiation of new and adapted processes and procedures
    • saving money (speed)
    • improved monitoring
    • to improve quality (Good manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP))
    • to write Standard Operation Procedures (SOP’s)
    • process validations
    • to implement new or adapted processes and procedures
    • to organize and carry out of trainings
  • Software
    • devise process supporting software
    • control on software development
    • technical and functional software validations
    • software conversions
    • implementation of validated software
    • software application management